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Worth a Visit

Saint Aubin is also a well-known  tourist attraction. Our SABIO project, which reconciles touristic and educational objectives, is the latest addition to the popular tour known as The Tea Route, already offered by the Group.

On Saint Aubin estate, a small manufacturing unit has been rebuilt around the ancient sugar mill chimney which stands as a testimony to the past.

The mill has been turned into a live eco museum where locals and tourists alike can observe all the manufacturing stages of the sugar milling process.

We would like SABIO to be operational the most part of the year and not only during the crop season.

The Saint Aubin Residence

The 19th century Saint Aubin Residence stands as a graceful testimony to the architectural aesthetics of the colonial era.

Built in 1819 close to the mill, it was originally the home of the owners of the sugar plantation. The wood used for its construction came from dismantled ships. The flight of stairs leading to the first floor was in fact built around a ship’s mast and the carpentry of the attic has been made out of an ancient hull.

In 1970, due to the noise pollution coming from the sugar mill which had become more and more imposing, the owners decided to dismantle and rebuild the house on a site further away. This is where it still stands today.

In the 1990’s, the house underwent significant renovation. It is today acknowledged as part of our national architectural heritage. The house has been turned into a table d’hôte. In what used to be its living room, as well as on the traditional sheltered terrace, the ancient residence now hosts a restaurant serving local and authentic cuisine.

La maison de Saint Aubin

The Restaurant

In the welcoming ambience of the restaurant established in the ancient colonial home, one can taste mouthwatering Mauritian traditional cuisine. The fresh produce used comes from the plantation itself or neighbouring producers.

On the menu: cocktail and fritters, heart of palm salad and smoked marlin, Creole or vanilla chicken and its array of accompaniments and condiments, coconut mousse or fruit of the season sherbets.

Le Restaurant 1 Le Restaurant 2Le Restaurant 3

The Inn

Nestling within the heart of an oasis of luxurious vegetation a short distance away from the distillery, the Saint Aubin Inn was built in 1908 by the then Sugar Estate Administrators. In 2003 it was converted into a guest house.
Saint Aubin Inn is a typical traditional Creole house with an iron sheeting roof resting on exposed timber beams, teak wood flooring and ancient furniture. The Inn proposes 3 rooms decorated in three different styles for a choice of colonial, creole or Indian ambience.
An exotic garden, a pool, bicycle and horse riding are available for leisure activities. They contribute to making yours a wonderful stay and one filled with emotion as you go down memory lane for a privileged experience of life in times bygone.

Bookings can be made on a half-board basis. The dining menu is based on fresh local produce as available according to the season.

L'Auberge 1 L'Auberge 2L'Auberge 3

The Vanilla House

Discover the patient process that transforms the humble orchid into the voluptuously aromatic and much sought after vanilla bean.

La Maison de la Vanille 1 La Maison de la Vanille 2La Maison de la Vanille 3

The Tea Route

The Tea Route is a gastronomical and cultural tour. It bears testimony to the different facets of the once colonial Mauritius and its traditional lifestyle.

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Visiting Hours
Opene from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. From Monday to Sunday including public holidays..
The Artisanal Distilery is closed on Saturdays afternoons, Sundays and Public Holdays.
The Inn is available upon reservation.
The restaurant is open for lunch every day. For special events, place your reservation on:
Tel: 626 1513
Fax: 626 2558