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Saint Aubin Plantation

Located along the undulating slopes of southern Mauritius, the fields of Saint Aubin have been under sugar cane cultivation since 1819. The estate takes its name from one of its first owners, Pierre de Saint Aubin.

Driven by an enduring quest for uncompromising quality, Saint Aubin plantation has brilliantly met the challenge of reconciling innovation, tradition, human dimension and environmental protection.

In the same vein, we have successfully introduced on the estate a vanilla plantation and an artisanal rum distillery.

It distinguishes itself as the one where Mauritius’ very first agricultural rum was created, wholly from pure sugar cane juice.

Futs de Rum L'Usine de Saint Aubin Canne à sucre de Saint Aubin


A unique "terroir"

Optimal rainfall and generous sunshine provide our sugar plantation with a particular micro climate. Varietal cane selection combined with the perfect exposure of our fields and the volcanic nature of our soils go into the making of an excellent “terroir”, enhanced with loving care. It is our pride.

Rooted in an environment-friendly philosophy, we promote and apply a minimal intervention approach in our cultural practices.

Sharpened by passion and steeped in creativity, our know-how enables us to produce authentic and inspired agricultural rums, exclusively born of our land.